The Man Behind the Camera

Hi my name is Joshua Kasumovic, and I’m an adventure photographer based out of San Diego California. My mission is to create compelling photography through the exploration of challenging remote locations and breathtaking landscapes. As an avid explorer, I embark on expeditions from sea to summit and seek to work with adventure athletes that can create a fascinating story. My active background and thirst for discovery drive me to endure the elements and push the limit to get the shot. 

Growing up I had many influences that shaped my inclination towards adventure. My father was a commercial airline pilot which gave me the incredible opportunity to travel and see interesting places around the world. This instilled my rooted nature to continue to explore the amazing destinations that the world has to offer, putting an emphasis on experiences over things. Additionally my grandfather is a Certified PADI Master Diver, and I’ve been diving with him since the age of 12.  We’ve taken his 50 foot boat across the Bermuda Triangle, explored ship wrecks & performed a 155-foot dive on a 2000-foot wall.  

My passion for photography is fueled by the powerful and unique impact that a well composed image can create for the viewer, taking them to another place and evoking emotions in the blink of an eye. I believe the story and context of a photograph as well as everything that went into creating it is what makes the process of photography an ever-changing and intriguing formula.  Always striving for excellence, approaching work collaboratively and putting an emphasis on customer service sets the foundation for my professional endeavors. 

Currently I’ve teamed up with some talented local rock climbers and am seeking to expand my network of adventure athletes.  Future aspirations include engaging in and documenting big wall alpine/rock/ice climbing, mountaineering, sailing & scuba diving. These skills will allow me to photograph the places where most people aren’t willing to go while telling stories that will inspire viewers to take adventures of their own.

Artists who inspire me include Chris Burkard, Tim Kemple, Corey Rich, Kieth Ladinzki, Krystle Wright & Scott Rinckenberger.

As an advocate for the conservation and protection of the environment, 5% of the sale of fine art prints and merchandise will be donated to Nature Conservancy (Click for Info).  I hope that my images will have a positive influence on viewers to help in conservation efforts of the planet and it’s beautiful wilderness habitats.